The New Parenting Paradigm Manifesto

A letter to children

You are a sovereign being.

I will respect you as I respect myself. I will set and hold boundaries and help you set yours. I will respect those boundaries.

I will always value your opinion. Your age is not relevant.

When you make a mistake, I will not shame you, as I will not shame myself when I make one.

I will admit when I am wrong or do not know the answer and to show you that it is safe for you to do the same.

When you reach maturity I will let you be free. Until then I will guide and protect you, but I will not attempt to control you.

I will assume the best in you, never the worst.

I will not take your silence personally, instead I will allow you space and time to be with yourself just as I will take space and time for myself when I need it.

I will hold your secrets sacred and not share with others. Your secrets are not mine to share.

I will not see you as an extension of myself.

I will not push you to be the best at anything, but I will support you to do your best and so experience the fulfillment of purpose. 

I will witness your hopes and dreams without judgment. I will not place my unrealized dreams onto you, instead I will show you how to follow your dreams by following my own.

I will consider your point of view while still holding mine.

I will strive for connection over correction as you make your journey through this life.

Even though you are little I will not belittle you.

Your life is your own. Live it as only you know how.

Be free little one.


Adapted from writing by Gabrielle Dunnmoore