Certified Conscious Parenting Coach

Meg O'Keeffe

  • Montessori Parenting Coach
  • Montessori Trained Teacher ages 0-3 + 3-6
  • Certified Parent Coach Practitioner™
  • Mother of two

Conscious Parenting Coach

Meg O'Keeffe

  • Conscious Parenting Coach
  • Montessori Parenting Trainer
  • Certified Parent Coach Practitioner™
  • Mother of two

Meg has supported thousands of parents in navigating issues with their children and creating the quality of relationships they long for.

During her 30 years as a teacher, Meg's insight and approach were regularly called upon by parents and teachers alike. Her way of being with kids made it look easy. She had an understanding that looked beyond the behavior on the surface. This helped kids feel understood and validated, which Meg teaches others to do easily.

For 12 years, Meg owned BeLoved, a Montessori School in West Linn, Oregon.

While teaching and managing the school, she also led parent coaching classes on a variety of topics, such as conscious discipline, peaceful morning routine's, sleep, intuitive toilet learning, children’s need for consistency and routine, creating a home environment fostering independence, and more, She also taught 70 of the 250 required credit hours of a Infant Toddler Montessori Teacher Training program. She now teaches parents Montessori Parenting methods.

Meg helps parents (and expecting parents) approach their relationship to parenting with confidence, to their children, with ease and enjoyment. Often parents discover their children as their greatest teachers and learn more about themselves via 1:1 Parent Coaching sessions.

Always learning and growing herself, in 2020 Meg completed the Conscious Parenting Method™ Certification Program with Dr. Shefali Tsabary, a clinical psychologist, New York Times best selling author, and author of three books. Dr. Shefali’s approach to parenting has been acclaimed by Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, and the Dalai Lama. Meg has been practicing a philosophy similar to The Conscious Parenting Method™ for years, and the training brought a new depth of wisdom that she now offers to her coaching clients.

Meg is endlessly grateful for her two grown daughters and never stops learning from them.

Her oldest has managed to travel to over 60 countries and genuinely loves spending time with mom.  Her youngest daughter is following in her mom’s footsteps and has 9 years of teaching experience. She aspires to support parents one day, too. On Mother’s Day, Meg gives her daughters cards saying, “I can’t believe I get to be your mom!” The love and connection she has with her daughters is an inspiration for helping other parents find their own authentic relationships with their children.

Montessori Mindful Parenting Coach Portland, OR

"This work is life changing. Our family is flourishing and becoming infinitely richer as we build deeper connections and stronger relationships."


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