The Child In The Family

“Observing children who are healthy, tranquil, innocent, sensitive, full of love and joy, ready to help others – I am forced to reflect upon the amount of human energy wasted because of an ancient error and great sin that disseminated injustice to the very roots of mankind. It is the adult who produces in the child, his incapacities, his confusion, and his rebellion. It is the adult who shatters the character of the child and deprives it of its vital impulses. And more than that it is the adult who affects to correct the errors, the psychological deviations, and the lapses in character that he himself has produced in the child. So we find ourselves in a labyrinth without an exit. Until the adults consciously face their errors and correct them, they will find themselves in a forest of insoluble problems. And children, becoming in their turn adults, will be victims of the same error, transmitting it from generation to generation.” 

Maria Montessori ‘The Child in the Family’

The previous despairing allegation against adults by Dr. Montessori shines a light on how parents unknowingly repeat patterns. The outdated way of parenting no longer works, however, to regain hope and confidence, we must awaken to a new paradigm. It comes with a new awareness in the adult, a shift. For the adult to see the child as their greatest teacher. The New Parenting Paradigm comes with great optimism and trust. Dr. Montessori’s plan, based upon the inner strength of the prepared adult, and sustained by absolute faith in the child, encompasses the capacity and the will to break the cycle, and discover a path out of the labyrinth of repeating generational cycles. It demands a new revelation of self, and an honest unconditional relationship with the child.

“With the support of the prepared adult, the child with his unlimited possibilities can be the transformer of humanity, just as he is its creator. The child brings us great hope and a new vision.”

Maria Montessori ‘The Child in the Family’

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