Abundance or Lack? (Part 1 of 2)

No matter what is going on within our lives, it is beneficial to approach our experiences knowing what mindset we are viewing from -  ABUNDANCE or LACK.

What does this mean?

If we are approaching our situation from an abundance mindset, we see everything as occurring FOR our well- being despite it being challenging or painful.

If we are approaching our situation from a lack-based mindset, we see everything as occurring AGAINST our well-being, especially when things are challenging or painful.

Of course, when things are really harsh or difficult, it is virtually impossible to harness an ABUNDANCE mindset, but it is here, more than at any other time, that our awareness is vital.  


Because it is through the cultivation of an ABUNDANCE mindset that we can see the potential for growth and transformation in all experiences. Especially the challenging ones.

When we see abundance, we can still cry and feel pain, but when we are fully in touch with the awareness that what is occurring before us, we recognize it is here for our own growth and evolution. 

When we have a lack-based mindset we live in a perpetual state of fear and victimhood. We feel constricted and tense, see pessimism all around us and don't see a portal for transformation.

We can only help others cultivate an abundance mindset when we have first helped our own selves do so. This takes tremendous awareness, in each moment, and is necessary when we spend time with children. Our grounding in abundance allows children to luxuriate in our energy and allows them to do the same. Abundance radiates from us as energy and is palpable to others, especially children. Abundance feels expansive and is a point of attraction that is key to living in harmony with others. 

Questions we can ask from an ABUNDANCE MINDSET:

  1.  If you knew this experience was going to be positive in the future, how do you think you might appreciate it in the present moment?
  2.  What if this experience was actually occurring for your highest good - what would it be trying to teach you?
  3.  What lessons can we learn from this experience?
  4.  In what ways is this experience allowing you to evolve? 
  5.  How did you co-create this experience?  

Questions we can ask from a LACK-BASED MINDSET:

  1.  Why does this always happen to me?
  2.  Why am I always unlucky to experience such things? 
  3.  When will my streak of bad luck end?
  4.  Why do I attract such bad luck?

When we are able to know what each mindset is, we can carefully discern and choose the path towards empowerment and transformation. Our kids will be happy we did!